Activate Free SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Website.

WordPress recommends SSL/TLS (HTTPS://) certificates for all websites to protect your site and their visitor’s info from hackers. Everyone wants to increase the performance and security of their website, we suggest add Cloudflare setup to your DNS system. We have posted the last article to install paid SSL/TLS certificate on your WordPress Website with full instruction. But everyone does not want to pay money for HTTPS, so we have suggested FREE SSL CERTIFICATE (Free HTTPS) which is provided by Cloudflare with limited access which is good for any website.

Everyone knows that Google is giving better preference for SSL website which has HTTPS protocol and more chances for the website to appear on Google search engine.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is the only DNS provider that is designed to mitigate large-scale DoS attacks. It also protects against other threats to save your bandwidth and server resources being wasted. Cloudflare is a free SSL certificate provider.

What is SSL?

SSL is a “cryptographic protocol” that is protected and secures data transfer of information between a website and an online application by a visitor. If a website transmits and collects credit card information, you are required an SSL connection.

How to get a free SSL certificate for the website?

We have defined the below step-by-step instruction to install FREE SSL CERTIFICATE on your website.

First Step
Go to and Signup a new account.

Second Step
Add your website in Cloudflare, this will scan your website name servers and suggest you new name servers in the following way.


Third Step
Login to your domain hosting (, etc.) and click on domain manage then click on domain link Changes your name server under DNS manage and save.

Fourth Step
Return to your Cloudflare account and click on the continue button, Cloudflare will active your website and you will see the following menu options on the top. Make sure the flexible SSL certificate option enabled under Crypto tab.

cloudflare SSL Certificate

Fifth Step
Open WP Admin dashboard and install and activate 2 plugins:
1) Cloudflare:- Add Cloudflare email and global API key then click on Automatic HTTPS rewrites option in Cloudflare setting tab.
2) Really simple SSL:- Turn on SSL on the setting option. If SSL does not enable then click to scan.

Find your Global API key in your Cloudflare account:

Free SSL Certificate

After two plugins setting click on dashboard, automatically logout your admin panel. Go to Cloudflare and add Page rules with the select Always Use HTTPS option in the dropdown. See below screenshot example.

Activate Free SSL Certificate

Login WP Admin dashboard, now your website URL use HTTPS protocol.

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