How to add JavaScript tracking code to magento websites?

The option to insert the tracking code to Magento websites in the backward website is available. Tracking or hacking both are different words and different meanings. If the owner wants to track their website pages for their own benefit then the tracking system is a good way, but another person wants to misuse the tracking functionality bad way then it is called hacking.

Magento has the functionality to add JavaScript or PHP code on the backend to track all website Continue Reading ...

Add your WordPress Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools help to increase your website search traffic on the internet. We will write this article to you on how to add your WordPress website to Google Webmaster Tools.

Go to the Google search console and sign in with your Google account. After signing in, There is a simple form that is filled out step by step requires field and submit it. See the below screenshot to fill out the form in detail.

Note: You can use the Continue Reading ...

Paypal checkout error

Currently, Woocommerce did huge changes in their plugin, these changes create a lot of problems, which is one of them, “This function is temporarily unavailable. Please try your payment again later by returning to eBay and clicking the My eBay button.”, Woocommerce gives PayPal checkout error, see below error:

Paypal checkout error

Paypal checkout error is appearing when we go to pay for the product on the Woocommence base website. It is not a PayPal payment processing error, it is WooCommerce ERROR. WooCommerce Continue Reading ...