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Create WordPress Post

How to Create WordPress Post

How to create WordPress post tutorial explains the way to publish a blog post on your WordPress website. First of all we know something about WordPress.

WordPress is a most popular blogging platform that was started in 2003 and since then millions of people have consistently joined it. WordPress is a platform system that allows bloggers to select a theme for their blog and submit their content using forms. This is user-friendly and well-formed system for writing blogs or articles. Regularly posting a blog with new posts is the best way to encourage people to read your blog. This article will show you how to create WordPress post.

First you need to log in your website wp-admin panel and go to Posts -> Add New.

Publish post


3 Step to Create WordPress Post

There you will see the WordPress posts editor. The most important properties of this page are:

Post Title – It is show on the top, enter the title of your post. On your blog page it will be shown above your content.

Post Content – You can use the WordPress content editor to add the all content of your post. Note There are two tabs – Visual (Here you will see a formatting toolbar with lots of options for formatting your posts content. Use the editor to format your content text) and Text (add your content with HTML code directly).

Publish – As you write post content, WordPress will automatically save a draft of your post which is stored in your database temporarily. After you enter all the content of your WordPress post, you need to Publish it. That’s it! You can now go to the front page or blog page of your site to check out the newly created blog post.

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