Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output in WordPress

Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output

Instantly you are facing “ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output”. It showed blank white page on “wp-admin” screen and error message on “wp-login.php” page. For help, please see our below suggestion.

You have a WordPress website that you recently discovered had this error on the login page:

ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see linked documentation or try the support forums.

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How to Increase File Upload Limits On Godaddy Hosting

Increase File Upload Limits

Do you know how to increase File Upload Limits on GoDaddy hosting. If you are using GoDaddy hosting services and you want to increase File Upload Limits something to high means 512MB. By default GoDaddy hosting plan File Upload Limits is depends on the type of hosting account you have.

file upload limits

Below are the GoDaddy hosting plan detail:

TypeDefault upload limitMax
Managed WordPress100MB192MB

Increase File

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Automatically Close Popup After few Seconds from Popup Maker

Automatically Close popup

In this article, I will show you how to automatically close popup after few seconds from Popup maker plugin.

In some cases, the user feels like nothing is happening then we need to close popup window automatically without any user activity. So here we can add a code snippet to close popup windows automatically from Popup maker.

Automatically Close Popup

The below code snippet is coded to close a popup from Popup Maker (ID: #pum-129 ) after few seconds.

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