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woocommerce compitable theme

How to fix structure breaking issue in WooCommerce compatible theme?

Theme developers are looking to create a WooCommerce compatible theme. This article is specially for you. WooThemes claims that the WooCommerce templates will be integrated with almost any WordPress theme. Which they do most of the time during the theme development. There may be some issues. However, even though the templates are well integrated with your theme, you want to disable the message “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support” at least.

WooCommerce always uses its own templates for Shop Continue Reading ...

Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output

Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output in WordPress

Suddenly you are facing “ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output”. It showed blank white page on “wp-admin” screen and error message on “wp-login.php” page. For help, please see our below suggestion.

You have a WordPress website that you recently discovered had this error on the login page:

ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see this documentation or try the support forums.

You can only access the login page from wp-login.php, since /wp-admin/ Continue Reading ...

Increase File Upload Limits

How to Increase File Upload Limits On Godaddy Hosting

Do you know how to increase File Upload Limits on GoDaddy hosting. If you are using GoDaddy hosting services and you want to increase File Upload Limits something to high means 512MB. By default GoDaddy hosting plan File Upload Limits is depends on the type of hosting account you have.

file upload limits

Below are the GoDaddy hosting plan detail:

Type Default upload limit Max
cPanel 32MB 128MB
Plesk 10MB 2GB
Web 32MB 128MB
Classic 32MB 64MB
Managed WordPress 100MB 192MB

Increase File

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Automatically Close popup

Automatically Close Popup After few Seconds from Popup Maker

In this article, I will show you how to automatically close popup after few seconds from Popup maker plugin.

In some cases, the user feels like nothing is happening then we need to close popup window automatically without any user activity. So here we can add a code snippet to close popup windows automatically from Popup maker.

Automatically Close Popup

The below code snippet is coded to close a popup from Popup Maker (ID: #pum-129 ) after few seconds.

Copy, Continue Reading ...

Page not found

How to fix wordpress inner page not found error?

There are many types of errors that you may face when working with WordPress site. One of the most constant of all is the ‘Page Not Found’ error. This occurs after transfer a new site or rewriting the rules in the .htaccess file. Page url not found error is mostly showed when you move from the home page to other inner pages of your website.

We have explain below two options you can use to fix page not found issue:

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Resize Woocommerce Product Image Size

How To Resize Woocommerce Product Image Size

New update WooCommerce 3.3 introduced a new and easy way to resize product images. Now user or customer can easily change the WooCommerce Product Image Size from Appearance ➤ Customize ➤ WooCommerce ➤ Product Images. The most important things are that you don’t have to regenerate the images after resizing them. With WooCommerce 3.3 now you can crop, resize and automatically regenerate images from appearance ➤ customized ➤ WooCommerce ➤ product images.

It means product image settings are moved from Continue Reading ...

Fix Missing a temporary folder error

Fix “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress

Are you looking ‘Missing a temporary folder’ on your WordPress site? This error will not allow you to update images, update themes and plugins, or update WordPress core. In this article, I will explain you how to easily fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in WordPress.

What is the Reason for the ‘Missing a Temporary Folder’ Error in WordPress?

This error is generating by incorrect PHP settings on your WordPress hosting account. There is a specific PHP setting that defines Continue Reading ...

Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Creating a blog website these days has become easy with platforms like WordPress. However once this is up and running, you have the next big challenge to increase your blog traffic to your website. No problem, you do not have to be a marketing guru to promote your blog. You can easily increase your blog traffic to get more visitors using some best technique.

In this article, I will share some easy and tested tips to increase your blog traffic Continue Reading ...

Scroll to top of the page issue on Gravity form submission

Scroll to top of the page issue on Gravity form submission

Scroll to top of the page issue on Gravity form submission is a common problem in WordPress. If the user completes the form and presses ‘Submit’ the page reloads to the top or scroll to the top of the page.

If the Gravity Form is placed at the bottom of the page (after the top text), usually it means that it is below the fold of the page. When a user fill the form and press ‘Submit’ button then the Continue Reading ...