How to add nofollow tags to support SEO?

nofollow tags

Nofollow tags are one of the ways the publisher can tell the search engine that some links to other pages in favor of that content are not counted as “votes”.

The two most common spoken words in the field of SEO are Nofollow and Dofollow. All experts who understand the importance of search engine optimization should use the Nofollow tags feature. In this article, I will tell you how to add Nofollow tag to any link. You will learn when, Continue Reading ...

How to fix blank thumbnails issue in the WordPress Media Library

Blank Thumbnails issue

There are some easy and useful ways to solve blank thumbnails issue in WordPress Media Library. In this article we will be explain how to fix blank thumbnails issue in WordPress Media Library.

In the past few months, we have received many requests for help on the issue related to the WordPress Media Library. Specifically, WordPress users were reporting that their Media Library image files were not appearing as appropriate thumbnails – it seemed like thumbnails were missing. Instead, they Continue Reading ...

How to Fix WordPress white screen of death error issue?

WordPress white screen of death

We have been using WordPress for a few years and we have to face WordPress white screen of death error many times. The WordPress White Screen of Death is one of those extremely troublesome problems such as error in setting up a database connection. This problem is a frustrating reason for users because it lets you get out of your WordPress admin panel. Since there is no error output in most cases, you are unaware of understanding what the problem Continue Reading ...

WordPress SEO 2018 – How to Control Search Rankings This Year

WordPress SEO 2018

What has changed the search engine for WordPress SEO 2018? Search engine optimization is an area that is constantly in flow. As search engines update their algorithms, website owners and online marketers should update their ranking strategies.

A few years ago the mobile responsive design was just an idea for the web design process. So far, while using mobile friendly with Google and other search engines as an important ranking factor, this has become the main focus.

In this year, Continue Reading ...

How to exclude category from WordPress blog page

exclude category

If you want to exclude category from the WordPress blog page or home page then you do not need to install a plugin. You need to follow step by step our “exclude category” WordPress tutorial. By just modifying a file get the exclude category result you want in minutes. In this tutorial we include the sample code also for beginners.

Tutorial to exclude category from WordPress blog page

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and find the WordPress category ID Continue Reading ...

Will Inactivate Plugins Slow Down WordPress Website?

Inactivate Plugins Slow Down WordPress

New developers asked us about deactivated plugins slowing down WordPress Website and whether they should remove inactive plugins. Most of WordPress users install plugins for testing and then deactivate them. In this article, we will write to Inactivate Plugins Slow Down WordPress Website and whether its safe to delete inactive plugins?

To begin using the plugin, you will need to activate it.

Activate Plugin

You can activate installed plugins them later. You can also deactivate the plugin that you’ve tried but not Continue Reading ...