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How to Add SSL Certificate Or HTTPS in wordpress website?

Add SSL Certificate to your WordPress website first you know…

What is SSL Certificate?

To protect your site visitors from hackers WordPress recommends SSL/TLS certificates for site. After SSL/TLS certificates enable visitors to connect to your site with HTTPS, it means risk free for exchanging information on the Internet. SSL certificates help visitors connecting an HTTPS connection, It means your visitors information is encrypted from your web server.

SSL Certificate is important for all e-commerce site, but we recommend for all sites because HTTPS protect visitor’s privacy.

You have purchased a SSL Certificate for wordpress site, you would need to tell your web hosting provider to install on your site URL. It take 2-3 days for installation but before you have installed WordPress and start working on your site. Currently it is simple URL like this Now you want to change it with after confirmation from SSL certificate installation.

How to install ssl certificate

There are some plugins available for SSL certificate setting on your site.
1. Really Simple SSL
2. WP Force SSL

It is easy way to set HTTPS on installed SSL certificate website link. Login to your cpanel and goto phpMyAdmin section, click on your database and goto wp options section update site URL and home URL with HTTPS and save. Now your site is ready with

How to check HTTPS enable on wp website?

Login to your WP Admin panel and check your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) with HTTPS or not under General Settings tab. If it is showing HTTPS then your site is ready with

Add FREE SSL Certificate to your WordPress website.

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