How to Add WordPress Website to Yandex Webmaster Tools?

Yandex Webmaster tools is one of the most popular platform on search engines for Russian public the that has same services as of Google. Yandex webmaster tools help to optimize website, check the traffic, manage robots.txt file, check site errors and more services. In this blog article, we will show how to add your WordPress website to Yandex webmaster tools to monitor your search engine traffic.

Why use Yandex Webmaster Tools?

There are some reasons why you should add and verify your WordPress website with Yandex:

  • Monitor your website traffic to analyse its representation in search engines.
  • Check your website’s mobile compatibility.
  • Search and solve common website problems.
  • Check your website compatible with search engine rules.
  • Easily Manage your website Indexing and site structure with the search engine tools.

Add Your WordPress Website in Yandex Webmaster Tools

First you have need a Yandex Webmaster tools account to connect your website. When you have created account, then you can login to your WordPress website admin panel to configure Yandex webmaster tools with Yoast SEO plugin(If you have used Yoast SEO Plugin). See below step on how you can add your WordPress website in Yandex webmaster tools.

1. Create Account
First thing you need to create an account create an account.

register your website on Yandex Webmaster tools

After creating your new account, You can see the Yandex Webmaster page ( You need to click on the ‘+’ button in top bar to add your website in Yandex Webmaster tools.

Select your site to add Yandex

In the blank field, you need to add your website’s full name and click on yellow color Add button.

Add your WordPress Website in Yandex webmaster tools

Hint: If uses ‘www’ in url then you must need to add like this (

Next page, you will be required to verify website ownership by adding meta content in your WordPress website. Copy the meta code and paste it on your WordPress website, see next step.

Generate Yandex meta code

2. Login to WordPress and add code
After login to WordPress admin area add the verification code in the Yoast SEO webmaster settings. Go to SEO >> General and click on Webmaster tools tab. Here you need to paste the meta code in the Yandex verification code field and click on the Save Changes button.

add yandex meta code in Yoast SEO setting

After this you need to go Yandex Webmaster tools page to click on the Check button to verify ownership.

verify Yandex ownership

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