How to fix structure breaking issue in WooCommerce compatible theme?

Theme developers are looking to create a WooCommerce compatible theme. This article is specially for you. WooThemes claims that the WooCommerce templates will be integrated with almost any WordPress theme. Which they do most of the time during the theme development. There may be some issues. However, even though the templates are well integrated with your theme, you want to disable the message “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support” at least.

WooCommerce always uses its own templates for Shop Page, Single Product Page and Taxonomy Page. These are pages that will affect if there were any integration issues with the theme. To protect from structure breaking issue in WooCommerce. It is best to provide support in WooCommerce for your theme. You need to add the following hook in functions.php of your theme.

Declare WooCommerce Support

This is the most important code to add to your theme which “enables” WooCommerce support. The code prevents the warnings from the plugin telling the end user that the theme is not compatible with woocommerce.

add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ );

Every theme developer may want to adjust the output of WooCommerce to better fit your theme. They provide options to the users which is not readily available in the WooCommerce settings (like increase the number of columns on the shop). They put a hook code in side the functions.php file for make your WordPress theme WooCommerce compatible.

I hope this article helped to fix WooCommerce compatible issue in your theme. I would like to make all our articles complete resource for users. You can also read our article on how to resize Woocommerce product image size and fix woocommerce thumbnail gallery and zoom magnifier after updating woocommerce plugin.

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