How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress?

All users try new things on their website and learn more about WordPress. But sometimes a small problem can cause the whole site to break, which is particularly scary for new users. If you were trying to do something new on your WordPress site and found the following error “Syntax error, unexpected …”, then do not worry. You are not the first person to receive the syntax error in WordPress. In this article we will describe you how to fix unexpected syntax error in WordPress.

How to Avoid Syntax Errors in WordPress

Some common mistakes made by beginners have been listed in this article when pasting the code into WordPress templates. Syntax error is usually caused by a small but significant error in your code syntax. A missing comma, or an additional curly bracket, can break the whole script.

Did you paste a snippet from the web file recently? Updated any plugin? So it’s likely that you know where to look for fix the error.

Fix Syntax Error in WordPress by Using FTP

To correct the syntax error, you need to edit the code due to this error. You can either remove remove the code or fix the syntax. Often the initial exit because this error makes your entire site accessible to you. If you have pasted the code using your WordPress Dashboard appearance »Editor section, no chance, you are locked. So how do you edit the code? The only way to fix this is to access the last edited file using FTP.

After installing the FTP program in your PC, connect it to your website and go to the theme file that needs editing. If you’ve forgotten what file you need to edit, just look at the error code. The error will tell you which file and which line you need to edit for fix.

You can either remove the code last time added or write the code in the correct syntax. Once you delete / edit the code, save the file and upload it back to your server. Visit your WordPress site and refresh the page, and your site will work.

I hope this article helped you fix Syntax Error in WordPress. Please write your questions and feedback in the comments.

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