Will Inactivate Plugins Slow Down WordPress Website?

New developers asked us about deactivated plugins slowing down WordPress Website and whether they should remove inactive plugins. Most of WordPress users install plugins for testing and then deactivate them. In this article, we will write to Inactivate Plugins Slow Down WordPress Website and whether its safe to delete inactive plugins?

To begin using the plugin, you will need to activate it.

Activate Plugin

You can activate installed plugins them later. You can also deactivate the plugin that you’ve tried but not found useful. You can view all your installed plugins (both active and inactive) on the plugin page.

Delete Plugin

Do Inactive Plugins Slowdown WordPress?

No, inactive plugins do not slow down WordPress website. When a visitor requests a page from your WordPress site, WordPress starts a loading process. During this process, it just loads active plugins installed on your WordPress website. All inactive or deactivated plugins are completely ignored and are not loaded.

If you have lot of inactive plugins installed on your website, It will not affect your site’s performance or slow it down. If your WordPress site is slow, then inactive plugins are certainly not the reason.

Should I Remove Inactive Plugins In WordPress?

WordPress allows you to disable the plugin instead of deleting it, because sometimes you just want to temporarily turn off the plugin. If you are planning to use that plugin soon, and you are afraid that deleting the plugin will delete its settings, then you should keep it.

Otherwise, there is really no need to keep inactive plugins on your website. Actually, they can be quite problematic at times. For example, whether you’re using that plugin or not, WordPress will still show you new release updates for those plugins.

Inactive plugins can be safe, but they are executable files. In case of an hacking effort, these files can be used to install malware on your website. As a WordPress safety precaution, you should delete all inactive plugins that you do not use.

We trust this article has helped answer your questions about Deactivated WordPress Plugin and Deleting Inactive Plugin.

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