How to Make Money With Amazon affiliate marketing program?

Amazon affiliate marketing program is provide the world’s biggest and successful marketplaces. Actually there are so many affiliate marketplaces in the world. But many bloggers and major companies use Amazon to sell their products. In this article, I’m going to write about How to Make Money With Amazon affiliate marketing program.

You can earn up to 10% as a referral fees, if you give customers the confidence of buying product via a referral link to a trusted site of yours.

Another method is that you get up to 15% referral fee if you are promoting few products like gadgets. You need write a review on the gadget and provide an Amazon affiliate marketing link. Anyone who clicks on this link and buy the item then automatically you earn commission.

Your geographical location is also effect for your target market. If you are leave in the U.S., then automatically your target audience from U.S. market and you should sign up for the US Amazon associate program. But if you are in India, you want to sign up for Amazon affiliate India.

How to start Amazon affiliate marketing program

Below are some basic steps to increase your earning by Amazon affiliate marketing program.

1. Learn some basic HTML: To decrease your costs, you need to learn some basic HTML. It is necessary to know how images are inserted, making of hyperlinks and use text formatting.
2. Choose your interest: It is right to choose something of your interest otherwise you are likely to lose interest eventually.
3. Choose a domain name: You should think of a reasonable name that people would like to search in the search engines.
4. Register your domain name: You can register your domain name at the same website you buy your hosting to make it easier for you.
5. Install software for your website: WordPress is the best software option for your website because it is easy to install and use. It is an open source (Free Software) and very powerful.
6. Attractive site: There are lot of templates and themes available in WordPress that could give your blog/site a unique look.
7. Sign up an associate account on Amazon: You need go to amazon site and click on the Join Now for Free button. Fill all field step by step till the end. Your site need content because they will manually review the site before it gets approved.

After approval you can add links and monetize your website.

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