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WordPress SEO 2018 – How to Control Search Rankings This Year

What has changed the search engine for WordPress SEO 2018? Search engine optimization is an area that is constantly in flow. As search engines update their algorithms, website owners and online marketers should update their ranking strategies.

A few years ago the mobile responsive design was just an idea for the web design process. So far, while using mobile friendly with Google and other search engines as an important ranking factor, this has become the main focus.

In this year, we will see more changes in the field of SEO. For this reason, in this post, we want to talk about what we can do to Control WordPress SEO in 2018. To do this, we will see some changes in search engine optimization in this year and how you can get ready for them.

WordPress SEO 2018 – What You Need to Do to Rank High in this Year

Below, you will find the biggest upcoming changes in WordPress SEO 2018 and how you can prepare your website for them.

In the past, Google’s search results pages were just a list of websites and PPC ads. Many things are going on with them today. To answer boxes, many more places can appear in your website, from the Knowledge Graph on the carousel and special snippets. You can do this with the following strategies:

Google Search Reasult

Use lists, tables, articles – this type of content is more likely to pull for other search real estate.

Write Q&A content – Google often picks results that contain both the question asked in the answer box as well as its solution. Consequently, make sure to include both in your content.

Put rich snippets and structured data – this means adding markup which gives Google more information about different parts of your content. We will talk about it in detail.

Please learn RankBrain

RankBrain is a machine learning system that Google uses to pick out its search results. Two categories of Rankbrain care more about this:

  1. Stay time, meaning the time users spend on your page
  2. Click-through rate, which is the rate at which searchers end up clicking on your results

Since it plays such an important role in SEO, it is essential how you make our new machine overlord happy.

To increase click-through rate, focus on improving your SEO titles, URLs, and meta details.

Voice Search

People use speech to search the internet. In 2016, 40 percent of adults surveyed at least one voice per day. A total of 20 percent of search terms on mobile devices were voice search. The probability of these numbers has so far increased and will continue to grow. The search engines recognize that trend and have started optimizing for it some time ago.

To prepare your site for this part of WordPress SEO 2018, the first step is to read your content aloud. It will make you feel better how it feels to someone who listens to it. To increase your chances of securing the position, use long sentences of full questions and their answers.

Prepare site for mobile-first indexing

Google is going to make an important switch. In 2016, the Google announced that it was working on the mobile-first index. This means, instead of looking at your site through the desktop user’s eyes, Google will start watching it as a user of a mobile device.

Add structured data to your website

Schema.org markup makes it easy for Google to understand the elements on pages and pages. In this way, they are capable of displaying more information in search results, including reputed places of the above SERP facilities. Rich snippets are also a good way to improve click-through rate, which is important for WordPress SEO 2018 for their own reasons.

High Quality Content

If you want to improve your content strategy in 2018, start with high quality content writing. There is still high quality, attractive content in the heart of good ranking in 2018.

Invest in Visual Content

If you want to be extra intensive, be sure to include visual content in your strategy. This is one of the fastest growing content of it.

In 2021, video content will create 80 percent of all web traffic. YouTube has become the world’s second largest search engine and the video has popped up in more than half of all Google search results. Of these, eight out of ten hosted on YouTube. In addition, visual search is the focus of all search engines.

Preparing for WordPress SEO 2018 also means covering your SEO basics.

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