Most Important Pages that Every WordPress Blog Should Have

Most Important Pages that Every WordPress Blog Should Have

If you just recently started a blog site, then you will be thinking what are the most important pages that you need have on your blog site? Pages allow you to add helpful information regarding your blog without affecting your systematical blog post schedule. In this blog article, we will share the Most Important Pages that Every WordPress Blog Should Have.

Why Add Pages to Your WordPress Blog Website?

WordPress comes with two content types, posts and pages. You should know posts are used to write blog articles. Pages are used to write content that is not part of your systematically blog post schedule. Pages are your and don’t change unless they are edited. Posts are typically visible in a blog. They are written on a regular period and keep your site fresh with new content. Read our step by step instruction on how to exclude category from WordPress blog page.

Below Mentioned Most Important Pages that Every WordPress Blog Should Have

1) About Page
This is a necessity page for almost all websites on the internet. You can name this page “About Us” or “About the Company” depending on choice you have a business blog or a personal blog. With the help of about page your visitors know you better and connect with you.

2) Contact Page
A contact page help users to quickly and easily send you a message. You have need a contact form to make it easy for users to contact you. You can also add your email address, location map, and social media profiles links to offer more ways to connect with you.

3) Privacy Policy Page
Privacy policy page specially inform users about the data you gather on your website, also how you and other third-parties may use this data. If you are not gathering any user data, third-party tools on your blog website like Google Analytics can set cookies.

If you are using Google AdSense, you need to add a privacy policy page to your website. You can also see our Privacy Policy page and use it to create your own.

4) Terms of Service Page
If you run online products store or other offer services on your blog website, then you require a terms of service page. This is a legal document, so it is highly recommended to get professional legal assistance. This allows you to limit your liability on the information provided on your website and abuse of services. It also inform users regarding the copyright and trademark, and how they can use your website products, or services.

5) Disclaimer Page
Most people make money online from your WordPress blog. They need add a disclaimer page. By disclaimer page can let users know about how you make money from your blog. For example, if you display banner ads on your blog or promote affiliate products (like amazon products), then you can inform all the users that how your all content are monetized.

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