Avoid the using of Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins.

Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins are pirated copies of premium WordPress plugins and themes products. In this article, we will clarify why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes and plugins, especially if you’re really serious regarding your website. Using nulled themes or plugins may generate you a lot of problems.

What are Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins?

According to the first paragraph nulled WordPress themes and plugins are pirated copies of paid WordPress themes and plugins which are distributed inofficious on the internet. Nulled themes and plugins cause your website to be hacked.

We are discuss some of the top reasons why we must avoid using nulled WordPress plugins and themes on our websites. See our article on Should you install a plugin that was not tested with your WordPress version?

Security issue

Nulled WordPress plugins and themes are very dangerous for WordPress security because they contains malware with them. The malicious code can spread in all files which makes difficult to detect and fix when our website is hacked. We can lose our site data and de-indexed from search engines.

Loose Privacy

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins can steals information from your WordPress site and makes it use to hackers on the black web.

Bad for SEO

These type of plugins and themes can destroy your WordPress SEO. Malicious code can redirect our user to bad websites. Search engines will be notice bad activities and penalize your website by dropping your search rankings.

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Legal Issues

May be some parts of the code are protected by copyright laws and if we are using nulled WordPress theme or plugin, then we face some legal issues.

No updates

Maximum WordPress themes and plugins regular release updates to fix errors and add new features but in the case of nulled WordPress themes and plugins cannot release updates because they don’t have a real license key.

No Support

If We are using a nulled WordPress theme or plugin then we cannot ask the developers to help when we need.

There are thousands of free plugins and themes available on wordpress.org. They are better than many premium products. we can use them legally.

We expect this article helped you understand why we need avoid nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins. You can also see our article on hacking situation on “Magento website” with tips.

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