How To Resize Woocommerce Product Image Size

New update WooCommerce 3.3 introduced a new and easy way to resize product images. Now user or customer can easily change the WooCommerce Product Image Size from Appearance ➤ Customize ➤ WooCommerce ➤ Product Images. The most important things are that you don’t have to regenerate the images after resizing them. With WooCommerce 3.3 now you can crop, resize and automatically regenerate images from appearance ➤ customized ➤ WooCommerce ➤ product images.

It means product image settings are moved from WooCommerce ➤ Settings ➤ Products ➤ Appearance ➤ Customize ➤ WooCommerce ➤ Product Images.

Resize Woocommerce Product Image Size

Follow below steps to change single product image size:

Step 1: Go to Appearance ➤ Customize

Step 2: Next go to WooCommerce ➤ Product Images

Step 3: Write your required width in “Main image width” field.

Step 4: Click on “Publish” button.

Resize Woocommerce Product Image Size

Note: Most important things that the height of single or main product images will remain uncropped and will not affected by cropping settings.

One of the coolest features introduced in WooCommerce latest version is automatic thumbnail resizing. After determining the width, product images will automatically resize and regenerated in background. Previously had to first install the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin to reproduce the images in new resolutions.

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