How to fix wordpress inner page not found error?

Page not found

There are many types of errors that you may face when working with WordPress site. One of the most constant of all is the ‘Page Not Found’ error. This occurs after transfer a new site or rewriting the rules in the .htaccess file. Page url not found error is mostly showed when you move from the home page to other inner pages of your website.

We have explain below two options you can use to fix page not found issue:

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htaccess file help to optimize your website for improve ranking

htaccess file

Optimize your website by using htaccess file is a very easy and fastest way to improve your website’s loading speed. .htaccess can help to optimize a website for search engines and it helps to improve search engine rankings. It also can be used to improve the security of your website. Every web developer should know that there are many useful codes for htaccess file to optimize a website.

Enable gzip compression

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